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The poker game in casinos has been considered for many years as an activity of great elegance and sophistication. That is not unusual to find more than one film scenes recreated game. Against this must be known that in the world of cinema there are several famous movies poker known today as iconic films. If you want to know some of these films, which are related to betting on the game of poker, here we will name several. Several famous poker movies that can be found. Among the oldest film we can name the following in chronological order: The first one was released in 1965 and is known by the title of The Cincinnati Kid. This film develops its history of American city Ney Orleans in which a young man with a lot of skill and ambition overcomes one of the best poker, the famous Lancey Howard.

This is so far one of the most critically acclaimed films. Another film, also from 1965, is known as Big Hand for a Little Lady. In this film the story of a family which has a very close relationship with the game of poker account. Highlights this movie because it's protagonist is a woman who enters to make part of the stakes in this game, considered by many as a game for men. Finally inside the famous poker movies that are older we can find the released in the year 1973 under the name of The Sting. In addition to seeing this film reflected the poker game can appreciate the gloomiest of casinos. In this tape corruption and cheating or fraud that appeared in the betting are evident.

At present though not many movies that use the theme of poker to tell their stories if there is one that can be considered recent and is very famous. This film is Rounder which premiered in the year 1998 and show us through his story several of the features that can be seen in the game of poker. What catches the attention of this film are the scenes of game where you can see the actors impersonating well filled and exciting games live tension in real life. Now that you know these titles and if you're a fan of poker is a good idea to see each of them. While there are guides to learn plays far are a good way to entertain a topic that fascinates many and inspired others. Feel free to watch these movies.